CYPRUS a dreamy, loving, passionate, romantic Island of Aphrodite and Adonis with breath-taking views and quality living; an Island with an outstanding cultural heritage and history that old customs and traditions are still kept alive. A very important issue is the steady growth of the economy and the low crime rate of the Island and this is more true at Santa Marina, away from the existing turmoil in Towns.

A lot of tourists, much more than its population, are coming every year to enjoy the vivid beaches and the fresh breezes from the sea, the mountain and forests of the Island. More tourists are revisiting Cyprus for holiday more constantly now or for residency, also for Investment. Cypriots and most of the other residents in general and much more in Villages, have a high reputation for their hospitality, kindness and generosity to foreigners to whom also the proven record of their professionalism mainly  to Investors and Businessmen.

A provision with high standards of medical care, reputable English speaking schools, an excellent infrastructure, two international airports and a modern telecommunications system are what it takes to make Cyprus an “IDEAL place to live, doing business or investment”.

Santa Marina Villas are able to make everyone’s dream come true. A great Opportunity is given to them to buy a Cyprus quality styled home at an extraordinary location/position on the Island and at a price less than its actual value.

Steady growth of Economy regained as from July 2015 after the worldwide economic crisis that started to heat Cyprus in 2012. In 2016 its GDP rose to 2.7% and the same period of 2017 reached 3.5% , mainly due to the increase of tourists (in 2016  3.1 million people and by the end of 2017 are expected to reach 4 million people, from the already recorded increase of 3.7 million end of July 2017) increasing from year to year and reaching 5 million people in 2020-2022, also because of the operation of the Casino Resort and its 4 Satellites in all Towns and free Famagusta District.

Then growth of GDP will be pushed upwards, together with Investment and property prices, resulting to increased construction (4-5 star hotels and deluxe ones,  skyscraper apts, and individual or project residences for Investors interested for CY permanent residence and CY citizenship EU passport).

Santa Marina New Cultural Village has absorved all of the above ‘’the best that Cyprus can offer’’, all values, advantages and benefits and thus each and every dream home will create the opportunity to each Buyer to own a quality style home at an extraordinary location on the Island. 

Growth  is expected to overgrow that of 2016-2017 the good days before 2012 and the Investment and construction of deluxe and skyscraper hotels and residences/offices, will be grown further than those already started in quite a number as from 2016, few of them already completed in all the three Towns.