Cyprus Permanent Residency, to a non-EU national, through investment or  purchase of property.

Properties – advise and services for acquiring permanent residence in Cyprus, and free access in EU.

The permanent residency can be achieved by an application under Regulation 6(2) or under Category F. Both have the same effect but have four main differences:


Regulation 6 (2)

  •  An application takes 2 months to be complete
  • To apply you must make a fixed deposit of €300,000 for three years
  • You must purchase of new property, not one which is for resale
  • Children above 18 can apply for P.R. and they get it for life.
    Children below 18 at the time of the application get residency for life, however, need to renew it when they turn 18
  • The parents of the applicant can secure the Permanent residency


Category F


  • An application takes 10-12 months
  • Under this category you do not have to make
    any fixed deposit
  • Any property either new or for resale is admissible
  • Children under 18 when they become 18
    lose their P.R. status and they cannot get it later unless they purchase a property and apply separately themselves
  • The parents of the applicant cannot secure permanent residency under this category




  1. Get in touch with us for a tailor made advice on the process for acquiring permanent residency
  2. You proceed with the selection of best suitable property to purchase
  3. We provide guidance on the documents required and assist with preparation.
    Moreover we can assist you in acquiring financing facilities through Cyprus banks, if required.
  4. We proceed with the submission of your application, while waiting to process there is no requirement in staying in Cyprus.
  5. Once approval is attained, we inform you to plan your visit to Cyprus
  6. On your visit to Cyprus, we facilitate the collection of your Permanent Residency card and assist you with all relocation matters.