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Long experience – overall service


A home buying search can be time consuming, complicated and may comprise a number of risks. Therefore purchasing from a secured direct source, that will be an esteemed developer, could be of first priority.

“Kentriki Stegasastiki Eteria (KESE) Ltd” is a long established firm (over 35 years) of experienced property construction and organizing in Residential and Commercial buildings.  The earned experience combined with contemporary techniques and materials as well as our main goal of satisfying every single need of Buyers’, form the basis of our success.


Our services as a Group :

  • Expert advice of investment opportunities covering commercial and residential property developments, existing hotels, rental apartment projects, property refur­bishments and land for developments (leisure, residential/commercial).
  • EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency arrangements to live & travel freely around Europe.
  • Financing/ Banking Arrangements
  • Tax and legal solutions as well as a wide range of financial – accounting – auditing- tax -corporate and banking services and advice, through our group companies, P. Kalopetrides & Co. - Auditors & Business Advisers - www.pkalopetrides.com.cy and Financial Consultants International (F.C.I.) LTD - Fiduciary and Business Consultants - www.fci.com.cy.



  • Guidance and support for EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency program
  • Investment consulting
  • In-depth knowledge of the legislation and procedures
  • Assistance in drafting all required documents
  • Submission of the complete application to the authorities on the client’s behalf
  • Monitoring of the status of the review by the authorities up until the point when the Immigration permit is granted



  • Setting up of  other utilities if needed
  • General housekeeping and landscaping
  • Maintenance of swimming pools and gardening
  • Providing furnishers, swimming pool and other providers
  • RENTALS & RE-SALE Arrangement