Psematismenos - The village of choice by many!

The Village

One of the prettiest traditional villages, that belongs to the Larnaca district, with houses on cobbled streets built in genuine traditional style, and as planned with Santa Marina (upper Psematismenos), is to become a regional place of cultural activities; now existing is Ancient Huge Olive Grove (theme park), old fountains, water tanks, wells and many archaeological houses few with very attractive outside and inside arches, antique Church and Chapel.  Also in existence are Mailing Box and auxiliary fire brigade.  Planned new developments are a museum of old icons, cultural centre for festivals, communal club as cultural centre, amphitheatre, public swimming pool etc.



     Perennial olive trees

In Psematismenos village, you can find probably the only park of natural vegetation in Cyprus. It embraces a few dozens of perennial olive trees.

It is very close to the Agia Marina Church. There is a traced path, that passes by all the trees, thus it is not needed - and it is prohibited anyway - to walk out of its boundaries.

There are many perennial olive trees in the area Some of the olive trees are enormous and many people are needed to hug their trunks.
The most possible is that their age is about 500-600 years. Because at that time (13 century AC) the valley was a huge olive tree plantation - Hence the ancient olive grove.