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Our Vision

We care for quality and pay special attention to detail.

We respect and consideration for the Homebuyers’ needs and the creation of their own dream home in the sun is our first priority.
All homes and surrounds are developed so as to suit buyers’ requirements based on their budget, while at the same time maintaining the rustic character and providing all modern comforts to meet the European demands and expectations is also our credo with the island’s full membership to the European Union.

One of the most distinctive features of the development is the extraordinary  degree of attention to detail and top quality finishing on each property, that allows for some modifications of the plans and dedicated experience offered for the interior design, under the watchful eye of Petros and Helen (Directors). Their desire to help each and every client drove their creativity from the outset and all through the development period prompting them to build their ”Vision Courtyard Villa” with 3 stone arches and rockery gardens.

The property is admired not only for that, but also for its outstanding antique furniture.

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